Marketing Services

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BeNovel services are defined by your needs

Above all else, your marketing programs and initiatives need to engage customers and drive sales. Your target audience should have a strong connection to your brand and be highly motivated to make a purchase. In getting there, we’ll work with you or your team to develop marketing strategies, develop platforms and execute marketing programs with measured results.


Our Team of Marketing Experts
Support On Multiple Levels

Both well-established and new ventures will have a need to keep things fresh and new in order to have a viable, sustainable operation. Circumstances from one organization to the next can vary considerably in terms of their ability to develop marketing strategies and implement plans internally. To accommodate these variations, BeNovel offers three distinct program groupings with varied degrees of marketing services and consultation.

  • High-level strategic planning to set the direction and close scrutiny to oversee the execution.
  • Platform development for key installations such as a new website or CRM system to integrate with sales.
  • Individual project design, campaign development or product launches.

Our Programs

  • Marketing Experts

    Our team will provide a high-level strategic plan to set the direction for your marketing programs, with services that include a regular presence at your premises to oversee the execution....

  • Marketing Platforms

    Our focus is to develop platforms that will leave a mark with your audience by creating brand and communication strategies that click and well-integrated website or CRM systems that boost sales....

  • Marketing Launch

    Individual project design, market research, campaign development, events, social media, search engine optimization and product launches are services that will align with the intelligence of your business objectives....

Your Vantage Point

B2B enterprise

BeNovel will support your need to engage customers with a plan that clicks and drives sales.


Viability of self-publishing is more real than ever. BeNovel will help action your marketing needs.

Non-profit groups

Volunteers can take you a long way. BeNovel helps broaden your awareness and strengthen fundraising programs.

Special Feature

Book Launch Marketing Services
for Hailey’s Dreams Foundation

BeNovel is supporting the Hailey’s Dream foundation with the promotion of two books recently published to help raise awareness of a rare disease called MLD and raise funds for the non-profit organization. Marketing services included a unique book launch, trailers, PR, social media and e-commerce site.

Pinch_cover_bluePrincess Pinch Me is based on the true story of Hailey Fitzgerald, a seven-year-old diagnosed with a rare terminal disease. The story is told through the eyes of a fictional best friend who follows along as Hailey experiences a lifetime of dreams in the year following her diagnosis.

Princess_cover_mockupThe Princess of Freddy Beach is the factual account of a community devoted to making Hailey’s dreams come true – to name a street after her, get her a puppy, send her to a rock concert, to swim with dolphins, go on scavenger hunts and naming, not one, but two stars after to her. And that’s not the half of it.